Welcome to Kristophe's life

Welcome to the website of one of the most influential minds in the country to this day! If you´re on the website you probably already know who I am talk about. Yep. Thats right today we are talking about Kristophe Yen. The greatest man to ever walk on this earth.Lets start of simple. Mr.Yen was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica on September 19, 2002. In fact the reason why the background to this website is gold is because it is one of Jamiaca´s national colors. Mr.Yen then came to the United States at the age of 7 where he dominated all of his classes and tried his best to remain there. Unfortunately, a few years later he arrived at Democracy Prep, but that is a story for another time... Here are some basic things.

Kristophe's Favorite Foods

Kristophe's Favorite Movies

  1. Forest Gump
  2. High School Musical
  3. Wonder Woman

Favorite Animals

  1. Cats
  2. Lions
  3. Penguins